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Forest Gecko Notepad


  • Are you always jotting down bits of important information on random pieces of paper that simply cannot be found when you need them?
  •  Do you need a perfect-sized blank notepad to keep your weekly (daily?/bi-weekly?) shopping list?
  •  Are you looking for some high-quality blank paper to express your creativity through doodles, sketches, notes or maybe even equations?

Nature’s Grace Aotearoa gecko notepads are designed and made in New Zealand using certified 100% renewable paper.  Buying one  gives you an easy way  to donate  to the charitable trusts working to prevent the extinction of Aotearoa’s unique endangered wildlife.  Ten (10) percent of the sales price is  given to the Endangered Species Foundation (

Our unique eco-friendly gecko notepads:

  • feature a stunning photograph of the native Forest gecko (Mokopirirakau granulatus) plus information on this endangered animal and what you can do to protect our natural environment
  • are 210 mm long x 99 mm wide with 75 blank pages.