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Whatungarongaro he tangata.  Toutū he whenua. 

Humankind will perish but the land will remain forever.

- Te reo Whakatauki

Our Story

Kia ora ! I'm Gael Ogilvie, founder of Nature's Grace Aotearoa. My connection with nature dates back to my favourite pastime as a child which was to climb the Mulberry tree in our back yard. I shared that large majestic tree with the Mulberry silk caterpillars who were busily eating leaves, weaving stunningly beautiful pure silk cocoons to spend a few days in and then emerge as fully-grown moths. 

Since then, I have spent four decades working with government departments and businesses in New Zealand and overseas, on solutions to environmental challenges such as climate change, poor water quality, ecological degradation and waste generation.  But for me, the one driver has always been to protect nature. Last year I decided it was time to leave large-scale organisations and start a values-based business to inspire change by sharing the beauty of nature with others.

I believe that connecting to our natural environment is core to our wellbeing, and there is now 1000s of published studies to support this. We also now know that a large proportion (estimates range from a third to a half) of the Earth's economy is dependent on healthy natural ecosystems.   Yet, over the last couple of centuries we have developed our economies and lifestyles in ways that cause environmental harm.   If we do not reverse this trend and protect the other precious animals and plants that we share Earth with, we jeopardise our future mental well-being and our livelihoods. 

Through Nature’s Grace Aotearoa I want to showcase the intrinsic magnificence of our lesser-known native endangered animals and plants.  The images on Nature's Grace products remind us about what is actually at stake. It is the future of the beautiful irreplaceable animals and plants that we share Earth with. I hope that the images and educational information on our products inspire you to help restore nature.