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Our Sustainability Practices

 Everything we do reflects our kaupapa to protect our natural environment.  This includes how we operate, how our products are made and also how all of our suppliers operate. 
All of our business processes minimize  carbon emissions, waste and energy consumption.    Every year we measure any residual carbon emissions that we have not been able to eliminate and plant the number of trees needed to offset these. 
 We only use environmentally friendly materials including certified recycled paper/card and home compostable plastic.  We also only use suppliers who have a demonstrated trackrecord delivering positive environmental and social outcomes alongside financial returns. 
We donate ten (10%) of our sales revenue to either the Endangered Species Foundation (for gecko products) or the Moths and Butterflies of New Zealand Trust (for butterfly products). 
As we grow we will actively develop ways to deliver social benefits to communities in need, for example providing job opportunities.