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Forest Ringlet Butterfly Notepad


Do you need a perfect-sized blank notepad to keep your lists (e.g. shopping, things to do, ) in a safe place?

This  notebook features stunning photographs of our native Forest Ringlet Butterfly (Dodonidia helmsii) and is made in New Zealand from certified 100% recycled paper.  Interesting facts about this endangered animal and links to websites describing how you can help protect our natural environment are included on the notepad's inside cover.

10% of all sales income from these notepads  is donated to conservation based charitable trusts.   

Buy a unique gift to help restore our precious natural environment.

The Forest Ringlet Butterfly  is found only in New Zealand and is listed by the Department of Conservation as “At Risk, Relict”.  The risk of this beautiful animal going extinct will increase through changes in climate, ongoing habitat loss and mortality from aggressive non-native predators (in particular wasps). It seems like a daunting challenge but every small action will help – as described  on the notepad  inside cover.  

This  eco-friendly butterfly notepad

  • Is made from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Processed Chlorine Free (PCF) and manufactured under an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.
  • Is 210 mm long x 99 mm wide with 75 blank pages

Ten (10)% of your payment  will be donated to the Moths and Butterflies Trust of New Zealand (